Did you and your guests feel comfortable aboard S/Y MARIAH PRINCESS III? Yes, the boat was great, and crew made us feel comfortable the entire time
Was the yacht in the condition you expected and as it was represented? Yes, yacht was as advertised and had no obvious signs of wear. I think the photos online didn’t do it justice
Were the crew professional, and did they provide the level of service you would expect aboard a luxury yacht? The crew was professional and engaged with us as we got to know each other. Service was excellent
Was there anything exceptional about your charter or anything the crew did that would stand out? The food was exceptional as was the personal service including cocktail hour along with plenty of drinks and snacks throughout the day.
Was the itinerary what you had expected? Were there any locations or activities you enjoyed most or did not enjoy? The itinerary was perfect, particularly the more secluded areas we anchored
Is there anything the yacht could add that would make for a better yacht charter experience?. Jet skis would of been fun but no room for them on the boat
Would you say the food provided by your Chef met your expectations, could have been better, exceptional, or other? Food was exceptional as was the service and table set up
Would you charter this yacht again or recommend it for charter? We would charter again and recommend it highly

vidhi agrawal